Review Policy

We’re currently accepting review requests, here is the review policy:


If you’re an author/publisher and you want your book read, please read before sending a request:

→ What genres do we accept?

  • Romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery/thriller, horror, contemporary, etc. Anything else that does not belong to these categories is going to be declined. You can read more about our favourite genres here.
  • Requests for non-fiction, religious fiction, graphic novels, or erotica are not accepted.
  • Requests for New Adult books or Middle Grade books may be accepted, but the main focus is on Young Adult.

→ What info should you add?

  • Title of the book
  • Author
  • Series* (or if standalone, please say so)
  • Publisher
  • Cover
  • Synopsis
  • Genres
  • Release date
  • Goodreads link
  • Amazon link

*If it’s a sequel, previous installments must have been read and rated 3 or more stars by any of us.

→ What formats are accepted?

  • pdf, mobi and epub

→ More things you should know:

  • Sending a request does not mean it will be accepted. We will respond in a timely manner if we were interested.
  • All reviews are honest and entirely our own. No “rewards” are taken.
  • We may give bad ratings, or leave the book unfinished, so please respect our opinions.
  • We will not promote a book we have not read, therefore, we will not be part of blog tours, guest posts or any other promotional campaign unless we have rated the book 3 or more stars.

If you accept our terms, you’re welcome to send an email to, or you can fill the form below.