Myself in 5 Characters

I found myself wondering one night before going to sleep (because we always get the best ideas at those moments) how I could describe myself. Talking about that has always been as difficult as solving a triple integral in calculus (actually, this latter one is easier), and I started thinking… “Well, I’m similar to ______ because of ________” and then bam! New idea for a blog post.

What I’m going to do is choose five traits that define myself and try to find a character that can be described with the word I choose (the word “bookish” or related don’t count, of course, because duh). Trust me, this was no easy task. I almost gave up this idea, but the final word I needed to complete the post came at the last moment to save it.

So here is my attempt to describe myself in five book characters:

Pellinore Warthrop from The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey

We’re both scientists. The difference is I’m a Chemistry student, and he’s a student of Monstrumology, or how he prefers to call his science, aberrant biology. That of course doesn’t exist, but it’s our passion for the unknown world, our need to explain phenomena, our curiosity and ambition, that we have in common. That is why I chose him as the first character that represents me.

We even share the same fears! … which, by the way, I find a little scary, because I also don’t want to turn into him as I grow older. He’s a genius and all, but ehh, I don’t want his reputation.

Mia from If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Music is an important part for both of us. Mia plays the cello and I the clarinet, but while reading If I Stay, I found her passion for music very relatable. She loves classical music, and so do I. There are times in which I’m listening to a song and imagine I am there with the orchestra playing and I can totally feel myself trying to guess which notes are sounding for each instrument, in particular the clarinet.

I’m telling you, music is my life. I can even go to the point of saying all my success in university is owed to my music. If it weren’t for it, I wouldn’t have passed any of my courses, I’m not kidding.

P.S.: Not to brag, but here’s a teaser of what I have played in my life:

Roland Deschain from The Gunslinger by Stephen King

You may have noticed that, er, the tone of my reviews is a bit… serious. I’ve tried in previous times to soften it by adding jokes and a cheery attitude, but it feels fake (the only thing that comes natural is the sarcasm).

That’s how I am in real life too. And that’s why I thought of this character.

He’s the protagonist of the Dark Tower series, and he’s my least favourite character, but we’re similar in some levels. Like for example, he takes things literally at times, and sometimes he doesn’t understand jokes because of this. I hate to admit this, but that happens to me a lot too.

Also, let’s not forget the fact that he makes simple things overly complicated… which again, I share with him. *hides face*

Juan Pablo Castel from The Tunnel by Ernesto Sabato

Yes, I have a cynical mind, I love dark humour, and sometimes I’m very pessimistic. Nothing I have said, though, surpasses the cynicism of this character, not even the psycho we all love Jack Kearns from you know which book. Here’s a sneak peak of what goes through Castel’s mind:

On a tiny planet that has been racing toward oblivion for millions of years, we are born amid sorrow; we grow, we struggle, we grow ill, we suffer, we make others suffer, we cry out, we die, others die, and new beings are born to begin the senseless comedy all over again.

Disturbing, don’t you think?

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

I’m like an OCD when it comes to organization. I hate when things are not in order. I also hate procrastination and leaving my university things undone or mediocrely done. Much like Hermione, right? But I don’t care! She’s amazing for that and many things.

And not to mention the fact that she likes BOOKS. And loves to learn new things. And knows her priorities. And loves to study. And likes everything to be in its place.

All that she shares with me. Because just look at the blog archive. I have the reviews organized by rating and by title. My shelves also have a pattern. Everything needs to have some kind of organization in my life. Say no to entropy!

So, those are the characters I think represent parts of myself. Which are yours? Can you describe yourself in at least 5 characters? Or did you have a hard time trying? Also, I don’t know if there’s already a tag about this, but I would really love to read your takes on this post, so I’m “tagging” some of the blog’s followers (got this idea from Reading With Jenna, whom I am indirectly tagging):

Everyone else who wants to do this is invited!




10 thoughts on “Myself in 5 Characters

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  3. Vane, this is SO CUTE! And I love to see these “sides” of you! I love your serious side, but you can also crack an awesome joke! I am going to lift this and credit back to you, because I just HAVE to do this now!


    • Omg yes, yes, YES!! I’d love to read your answers! But pleaaaasee let me know. I’ve been horribly busy and can’t check on blogs. 😔 Hahaha, glad to know you liked it! And trust me, I never figure out I told a joke unless other people tell me what I said/did was funny. 😂


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